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We Are All Just Stardust

dsc_0219A full time architect, a part time teacher, a jewelry designer by passion and a philanthropist by nature, Abrar is a wearer of many hard hats. As she celebrates five years of her maiden jewelry brand TH’HABA JEWELRY this year, she sets sail on yet another adventure. Unlike a normal person, she is not going to be throwing a big party to celebrate her success; instead she is putting all her energy in creating a concept jewelry space, TH’HABA JEWELRY.

The TH’HABA JEWELRY concept store in Mayar Center, will of course be home to Abrar’s delicate artisanal jewelry designs but at the same place you can also find a pop-up café where nestled between beautiful books, intricate jewelry and if you are lucky, the gorgeous Abrar, you can indulge in exchanging ideas or simply sit back and enjoy the ambiance.

Abrar intends to create a space that will serve as a launch pad for future collaborations. She wants to bring together jewelry designers in Kuwait onto a platform where they can talk of ideas and concepts as professionals and not as competitors.  “It’s high time we sat down together and talked like friends who work in the same industry. It’s important to network and collaborate in order to move forward. Success scaled together is always more sustainable.”

The new store will combine Abrar’s passion for jewelry and her dream for philanthropy.  All the profits made from the store’s opening event will go towards sending deserving students to volunteer trips with OX Adventure, a Kuwaiti youth movement that intends to combine recreational traveling with volunteer work to create a positive impact on society.  “Education is very important to me and I have always wanted to build a school for the less fortunate, especially in countries where education is not as easily available to kids. While talking to a close friend I realized that charity begins at home. My friend advised me on how the education in Kuwait needed as much uplift as any other part of the world. Enthralled by the idea of unconventional education, I collaborated with OX Adventures for this project.”

Under the program, students interested in volunteer work can send in their letter of intent, stating how they think they can make a difference through this volunteer work trip. The selected students will then be sponsored to go on an adventure that is sure to leave a positive impact both on them and on the world. “It may seem like it is the country they are visiting is getting benefitted, but truly this kind of trip is more beneficial for the students. It’s an education in humility, charity and kindness that is needed to make this world worth living in.”

The store will also hold weekly and monthly seminars, workshops, talks by guest speakers and pop-ups with various artists. “This is not a jewelry store, it’s a home for all things beautiful – be it jewelry, books, art, music or even just thoughts. I want this space to serve as a safe haven for people to network, collaborate and yield their collective energies together to create a better world. Inspiration can come from anywhere, all we have to do is be present and believe in goodness both which is inherent in us and inherent in others, after all we are all just stardust.”

As parting words, Abrar leaves us with these beautiful lines by the poet Elia Abu Madi,

فلست الثياب التي ترتديولست الأسامي التي تحملولست البلاد التي أنبتتكولكنّما أنت ما تفعل

It’s not the clothes you wear or the name you hold nor the country that you call home, but you are what you do.

Students interested in signing up for the volunteer trip can send in their applications to thhaba.morethangold@gmail.com