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Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf is an artist that expresses his love for the divine through his music. Although he comes from an Islamic heritage and is Muslim himself, he does not consider his music to be Islamic and does not wish to associate the religion with his music. Sami has taken an interesting approach to the re-emergence of devotional music. He calls his music “spiritique”, which stems from the spiritual essence and message behind his music. It involves many sounds that can also be recognized in Sufi music and traditional Arabic music in general. Sami has sold over 34 million albums to date, demonstrating the vast amount of people and places his music has reached. Aside from having a successful music career, he’s also having a positive and successful impact as a humanitarian.

Sami Yusuf has invested his time in energy in efforts such as the World Food Program, where he’s managed to help feed the world’s most impoverished people. Through his time investment in this program, Sami has been appointed a Global Ambassador Against Hunger by the United Nations. Additionally, Sami has used his influence in the music industry to unite people from across the world. In his song “The Gift of Love”, Sami urges the people of all the major faiths to see the common ground they all share that far outweighs the slight differences that are present.

When Sami was asked about any tips or help he could give to up and coming artists, he gave some concise but direct information. Based on his long career and experience in the music industry, he insisted that people should truly be sure they want to put themselves in the position of a musician. The hours of work, dedication to produce creative music of the highest quality is a skill that takes years to master, let alone sell successfully. On top of that, the music industry can be very demanding with touring. It can become very tiring to a multitude of locations in order to perform your music. Sami also stated that his record label and foundation are set in place in order to help young and enthusiastic artists. If any artists feel that they have what it takes to get into the music world, then send some work samples to Sami’s label Adante Records and see if you get a call back!