201611 Azaal LB

Red Bull Bar Bahr Championship

2016 “Red Bull Bar Bahr” Championship

Category: Quad bikes and Jet Ski

Location: Marina Beach

Final: Friday, November 11th, 2016 – at 2:30 PM



Land and water motorsports are different in many ways, mainly the nature of the track consisting of solid ground in the first type and water in the second. In addition to the vehicles and the way they are driven on each track. “Red Bull Bar Bahr” which returns to Kuwait for the second time on November 11 at Marina Beach in Salmiya combines the two in a relay race with competitors racing simultaneously on Quad bikes and their teammates on Jet Skis: The race will be preceded by qualifying rounds on November 10 to select the finalists.


A relay Race: 24 teams will be vying for “Red Bull Bar Bahr” title, with each team consisting of a quad bike racer and a Jet Ski driver. At the start of the race the first team members will race off with a quad bike on the sand track. At the end of the land track, the driver will hop off his bike and run to his teammate to hand him/her the key to the Jet Ski. The second team mate then has to set off towards the finish line.

The land racing track consists of a track designed to bring out the racers’ driving skills and includes curves of medium and sharp edges, bumps and sand barriers, driving the event to more exciting levels. Buoys, however, delimit the water track, and certain maneuvers will be required for this  competition, including double or triple turnovers and other challenges that will in turn add more excitement to the race.

The event is organized by Basel Salem Al-Sabah Motorsport Club and will be held under the sponsorship of Nissan Al-Babtain, Public Authority for Youth and Sports, Kawasaki, GoPro, Acqua Eva, Marina Mall, Al Anbaa Newspaper, Kuwait Times Newspaper and Studentalk Magazine.

Rules of engagement: In order to participate in the championship, each quad bike competitor must possess a driving license and own a quad bike. Participants in the Jet Ski category should have a license from the Marine Sports Club of Kuwait.

The tracks: Preparation of the “Red Bull Bar Bahr” Championship land track on Marina Beach will require five days of continuous work, stretching from midnight until 9:00 am. The track has been designed by Red Bull athlete Mohammad Al Balooshi, will require up to eighty trucks of sand in its creation.

A large bulldozer will be strewing sand on the track site and delimiting its borders while a smaller bulldozer will add the delicate details. The track will be leveled by a roller for four days to render it suitable for the race. The track requires large quantities of water to maintain a perfect racing surface ( needs six tanks per day), plus two vehicles to pave the road on a daily basis.

History: The “Red Bull Bar Bahr” Championship was held for the first time in 2014. This extraordinary event was new to both Kuwait and the Middle East at the time, bringing together the motorsport disciplines of Quad Biking and Jet Skiing. The championship was won by Mohammad Al Khulaifi (on Quad) and Mohammad Burbayea (on Jet Ski).

Motorsports experts to supervise the race: A committee of motorsports experts will oversee the smooth running of both the qualifying and the final rounds. The committee consists of motorsport stars and Red Bull athletes – UAE national Mohammad Al Blooshi, Kuwaiti nationals Mohammad Jaffar and Mohammad Burbayea who won the championship during the first season in 2014. The purpose of the technical committee is to supervise the “Red Bull Bar Bahr” competition, especially the participants’ adherence to race rules and regulations.