201611 Azaal LB

Practical Applications of Sukuk in the Financial Markets

KFH has elected to sponsor a Sukuk Seminar entitled “Practical Applications of Sukuk in the Financial Markets” as part of their CSR and Youth Education Initiative”. Held in the American University of Kuwait (AUK),it was delivered by Mr. Mohammad Al Duwailah, Senior Manager of Capital Markets at KFH and organized by the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) in coordination with the College of Business and Economics (CBE), which provided review of outline, content and seminar materials.

CBE was keen in having committed senior students, particularly in Accounting, Economics and Finance, participate in this seminar. Although, the majority of participants were AUK business students, a few faculty members and several external stakeholders (adult learners) attended the seminar as well. It was held in the Auditorium, where CCE capped enrollment at 40 to ensure close interaction and engagement.

The 4-hour seminar introduced participants to Sukuk as an alternative savings and investment option, and covered topics such as the types and structures of Sukuk, primary and secondary markets of Sukuk, risks associated with Sukuk, and an assessment of newly emerging trends in the Sukuk markets. Attendees also learned about the practical applications of Sukuk in financial markets.


As the market is currently $300 billion-strong,and growing, and the fact that almost half of banks in Kuwait are Islamic, the seminar was ideal for business students with career ambitions in the investment and banking sectors. Student attendees received Certificates of Participation, cosigned by KFH and CCE.

“Success of this 4-hour seminar is potentially a stepping stone for further on-campus educational and training opportunities which can add value to the portfolio of skills and enrich the learning experiences of our students,” said Dr. Ali Aljamal, Chair of the Department of Economics, who coordinated CBE efforts.

“As we strive to achieve AACSB accreditation, this seminar strongly supports our pursuit and sends a message about our commitment to the academic and business community at large. I admire and appreciate KFH’s Youth Education Initiative. I am very proud of and optimistic for our continued AUK-KFH collaboration and hope it will become a model for the town-and-gown relations in Kuwait,” added Professor Jin Wang, Dean of the College of Business & Economics.