201611 Bomberg LB

October Opinions 2016

We asked:

What is the one goal that you have set for yourself and were happy to see it achieved? What is your next goal?

Abdulla Marhaba

The one goal that I achieved was starting my own business. The one that I would like to achieve is to complete my education.

Accounting and Finance - AUK @aboud777
Alaa AlBloushii

My goal was to study something I like and not just study it but actually learn from it and practice it. Now that I am studying what I wanted to, my next goal is to put my knowledge to practice and improve myself further.

Accounting - Tatbeqi @alaa_albloushii

Starting my own business. I want to set up a photography studio.

Marketing - AUK
Rabab Zaman

I've achieved my dream of studying in ACK. My next goal is to be a successful petroleum engineer and work in Kuwait.

Oil and Gas Engineering - ACK @rababzn
Raunaq Chowdhury

I am already working in the marketing department of a printing company, and I aim to run multiple business of my own.

Business Management - ACK @_nnostradamus_
Khadijah Reekan

The goal I reached this year is changing my lifestyle and my next goal is to graduate successfully.

Business Management - ACK
Khaled W. Hammad

I stopped drinking energy drinks. Now I want to cut down on cigarettes.

Accounting- Finance - AUK @Wassabeh
Shahad Al Samhouri

One goal I achieved was reading 100 books in 3 months. One goal I would like to achieve is owning my own fashion company.

Media Communication and Marketing - AUK @Shahadsam
Mohammad Janati

Helping grow the family business

Accounting, Management - AUK @Mohammadjanati_
Soniya Rashid

To be honest there are many goals that I have set but haven't achieved yet. At the moment my goal is to finish complete my degree successfully.

Petroleum Engineering - ACK @soniyarashid
Himanshu Kumar

To play American football for my college. I'm still pursuing my athletic career. I want to be a better athlete than I'm every day.

Electronics & Communication Engineering - ACK @shuu_12
Younis Sabri

The goal I would like to achieve is to get my bachelors degree and do my masters outside of Kuwait so I can gain experience which can help me in the future. My next goal is to start a car business where I can fix and customize cars.

Electrical Engineering - AUK @YounisYFS