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Opinions April 2017

We asked:

Which bank do you have an account with and why?

Abdulaziz Al Hunaiyyan

When I finally graduated from high school, I had to choose a bank account for the social allowance that I receive monthly from the government. I explored a couple of banks with my dad, and Boubyan Bank was the best one because of the many offers and deals it provides.

Industrial Engineering - American University of Middle East @Azooz_AlHunaiyyan
Abdulaziz AlShaikh

Based on the reputation and the services they provide such as major discounts or lucky draws. The bank’s online services and ease of transactions on the bank’s mobile app is the most essential service to me.

Mechanical Engineering - Kuwait University @azizalshaikh_

I chose KFH because of the services mainly the student loans, K-NET use and visa and master cards.

Mechanical Engineering - Australian College of Kuwait @Abdulhammid
Abdullah Alshuwaiyea

My choice when it comes to banking is Boubyan, because in my opinion they are industry leaders especially when it comes to new banking enhancements and technologies.

MIS - Gulf University for Science & Technology @AbdullahAlshuwai3
Abdullah Azmouz

I chose Gulf Bank, because having worked with them I have firsthand experience on how well they treat their customers, as well as the superior quality of their service.

International Business - Gulf University for Science & Technology @aaasmouz
Adnan Hau

NBK because it has the largest presence in Kuwait and was ranked 23rd among the World’s Top 50 Safest Commercial Banks in 2014.

Business Management - Australian College of Kuwait @Adnan_al_haw

I like NBK, because of the services they provide.

Marketing - Gulf University for Science & Technology @Ali.alowaid
Ali Ashkanani

I like Boubyan bank because banking is easier with their mobile application and also because of how well they treat their customers.

Aviation - Australian College of Kuwait
Asmaa AlFailakawi

For me personally service and transaction security are very important. If there is any weakness on these two accounts, it could be a reason for me to change my bank.

English Education - Gulf University for Science & Technology @Asmalfailchawi
Laila Ali

I would pick my bank with benefits for youth, for our generation this makes it more useful as we get some discount, so if I feel comfortable about my bank I wouldn't think of changing it.

Aviation - Australian College of Kuwait
Bader Al Attal

I bank with NBK. I like them because of the safety of transaction, knowing that my money is secure with them.

Business Management - Australian College of Kuwait @alattalbader
Nadine Ayman Kraiem

I like NBK because it seems to be a popular choice amongst people, which means that if nothing else, the bank is at least trustworthy when it comes to transaction safety.

Accounting - American University of Kuwait @nadineak

It all depends on how good the service is and also how safe the bank is with handling details and managing customer’s personal information. Also, the many good options the bank provides.

Aviation - Australian College of Kuwait @_chthonia