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November Opinions 2016

We asked:

In your opinion, do majority of the people in Kuwait embrace diversity? Do they easily interact with other cultures and nationalities. Comment.

Hadeel Hani

Only 30% of the people actually genuine connect with others, mostly based on common interests. Most times people interact with each other for very shallow reasons like hanging out or because of how they look or what they wear.

Interior Designing - Box Hill @bee_ryouta

I believe the status quo is slowly changing and people are becoming more open to diversity.

Management - ACK @_far_yal_
Mohammed Jaber

I think most students are quite friendly and welcoming in my college, However, I find people outside of my college rather racist.

Marketing - ACK @I.am_jaber
Sana Ahmad

Yes they do embrace diversity and accept other cultures. Young adults are more approachable and engage in conversations with strangers without hesitation and judgement and are easy to make friends with.

Mechanical Engineering - ACK @Sana_633

In my opinion most people in Kuwait embrace other nationalities and do interact easily but depending on their knowledge about the certain country the person is from they build a certain image before talking to the person.

Mechanical Engineering - ACK @nour_leb98
Hassan ElRahim

Yes, Kuwait has a hard culture but intelligent people.

Business Management - ACK @h_rahimzz
Ali AlKhawari

Yes they do, Kuwait is the home of too many cultures where everyone learns from the other. Actually embracing other cultures is what got Kuwait to where it is today.

Civil Engineering - ACK @Alialkhawari
Mouafak Al Wattar

Some people in Kuwait do not believe in diversity at all. However one can see that, that mentality is changing. I think over the last five years I have noticed people being more accepting of each other.

Management and Organizational Behaviour - GUST @M_wattar
Khadija Seth

I think yes, they do. We are very extrovert in nature on a higher level and the higher percentage of people believe in mingling around and talking in diversities and accepting cultures around us , is like the easiest thing for us.

Film Making - Tata Institute of Social Science @k.h.a.d.i.i.j.a
May Dina El Bouamrani

Only 20% people are interested in building real friendships, rest are just there to take advantage of each other. Relationships these days are all about getting the latest gossip. Very few people are interested in getting to know people different than them.

Interior Designing - Box Hill
Mariam Jarrar

Most people do not embrace diversity in Kuwait. Most are in it for short term benefits. Meaningful conversations and cultural exchanges are rare in Kuwait.

Interior Designing - Box Hill
Mohammed Shakib

In my opinion most are very friendly and respectful in my college where else for the ones outside the college it’s the other way around.

Marketing - ACK @mohammed.shakib
Zainab Huseni

Yes, I think most people embrace diversity. Yet the behavior differs from person to person. Although i feel most of them interact with every nationality.

Marketing - ACK @Zainab_huseni
Yasmeen Khirallah

I think it is different for everybody, but over all Kuwait is embracing diversity through different ways however when it comes to interacting with others there seems to be a barrier due to cultural differences.

Human Resources - ACK @yizziie

Living in Kuwait my whole life, showed me that yes it’s easy to interact with the different cultures in here and accept them.

English Education - GUST @mini2101
Zaid Jasnaik

Kuwaiti people do not interact with other nationalities, at least not whole heartedly. They mingle mostly with other GCC nationals, Asians or Americans per se. I think this is mostly due to language barriers.

Marketing - ACK @thezaidyouheardabout
Sara Hedayat

Yes, I do think majority of the people in Kuwait embrace diversity. We enjoy interacting with different people because we get to learn about their culture and different hobbies.

Management & Organizational Behavior - GUST
Mustapha Khadra

I believe that people in Kuwait interact easily with different cultures, and this due to diverse foreigners in Kuwait. Kuwait is small in area, but contain high population of foreigners and this make it easy for people to know each others culture.

Finance - GUST @Moe_3212
Riham Jamal

I believe that Kuwait is too diverse to not be able to interact with people of other cultures and nationalities. It's almost inevitable. However, I do think that some people try to avoid it, dislike it, and don't respect it.

English Literature - GUST @Reritta
Fatima Ashkanani

I don’t believe so, because they usually don't accept the fact that you're different, they really focus on reputation. Because we come from different places and traditions, some people are more respectful and tolerant them.

English Education - GUST @Fatima14_xo

Although the traditional culture in Kuwait might be closed enough to other cultures and is more indented to racism, other cultures yet exist in larger numbers which makes it easier for them to interact with each other and makes a majority force the gradual openness of the culture

Marketing - GUST @htmbak
Saad Al Ahmad

I think every person is different, but generally speaking people communicate within certain hierarchies. It has more to do with economy than culture. However the difference I think is in people who are born and brought up here, they to a large extent can embrace diversity.

Electrical Engineering - AUM @alahmad92
Mouafak Al Wattar

Some people in Kuwait do not believe in diversity at all. However one can see that, that mentality is changing. I think over the last five years I have noticed people being more accepting of each other.

Management and Organizational Behaviour - GUST @M_wattar
Huda AlAskar

As a person that is often shy when it comes to sharing thoughts and opinions with others and most likely would rather hold back. I found myself comfortable enough to share and discuss freely about almost everything. It is truly a safe environment that made me feel like my opinions matter.

Molecular Biology - KU @Huda_AlAskar
Sarah AlOjayan

I think not all of them but mostly yes they do, it depends on their mentality and background. Some people accept the difference, and vice versa!

French Education & Linguistics - PAAET
Moustafa Hassan

People in Kuwait do not embrace diversity at all. Every person's nationality is considered to be their identity. So the treatment you get is based on where you come from. Some nationalities are more favored over others, and the same goes with gender. Then there is money.

Communication and Media - AUK
Abdulaziz Al Weqyan

Yes, I believe that majority of the people in Kuwait embrace diversity. In my experience people interact with each other easily, however there are some exceptions where people don't get along with each other because their countries don't agree politically.

International Relations - AUK @abw36
Abdullah Albanwan

Kuwait is not a highly ranked multi-cultural country when compared to some other countries, therefore people of different nationalities don't interact too much. So while we may individually embrace diversity we don't really have a chance to express it.

Accounting - AUM
Bedour Albanwan

No. I think people here are raised in a way that makes them racist. They view themselves as being above others. Their minds are narrow, and they don't accept being friends with people of other nationalities. Kuwaitis especially view themselves as being better than others mainly because of their better jobs and higher incomes.

Marketing - GUST
موضي العسعوسي

الشعب الكويتي مرن جداً في احتضان الثقافات، بالأكل، اللبس، اللهجة،التفكير،وغيرها،، يتأثر بالثقافات الأخرى، يعتبر شعب منفتح ودائم التطوير، ولكن، في حال اختلاطه بالجنسيات الأخرى لا أرى أنه يختلط بشكل جيد في بلده، فهو يحب أن يتملك كل ما هو في أرضه، ولكن في نفس الوقت من الصعب استغناء الشعب الكويتي عن الجنسيات الأخرى

Marketing / Mass Media - AOU