201612 Elite Swim Team LB

December Opinions 2016

We asked:

Have you or anyone you know ever been subjected to prejudice when outside of your country? If so, how did you/they react?

Abdullah Al-Duraei

I don’t think I am been subject to prejudice but I my mom used to tell me about her experience in USA. She said people would often treat her differently because she wore a hijab. She was quite upset about it because she thought USA was a free country where you could be whoever you wanted to be without the fear of prejudice.

Graphic Design - American University of Kuwait @desolation616

No. I have never personally faced any prejudice while traveling abroad.

Business - American University of Kuwait @ammarbochi
Basma Zidan

Prejudice is something I face often due to my Nationality. People see Egyptians and assume stereotypes. I usually try to get people to know me as a person and not as a national of some country. If they still don’t like me, that’s okay. Fighting in my opinion will not resolve anything.

Electrical Engineering - American University of Kuwait @BasmaZidan

Yes. I was walking down the street in Vancouver when a person driving by shouted "GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY". I did not act on it and kept walking. Prejudice towards me does not faze me.

Marketing - Australian College of Kuwait

I haven't personally experiences prejudice but if it happened I would try to ignore and not let won't let it affect me. Your reaction often shows how educated and mentally developed you are.

Business Management - Australian College of Kuwait @_far_yal_
Fatma AlNasser

I have seen people face prejudice. A lot of the times I feel people don’t react out of fear. People just keep silent sometimes, because they could be in physical danger.

Public Relations - Gulf University of Science and Technology @Ffalnasser
Iman Al Tahhan

Being a Muslim it is not uncommon to face prejudice. Every time there is a discussion with a foreigner, they tend to perceive you as a terrorist. The only way to react in such a situation is by ignoring them; otherwise too much time will be spent trying to prove people wrong!

Business Administration - Arab Open University @Iman.Altahhan

Yes, once in Turkey at a store when the sales man found out I was a Kuwaiti he refused to sell anything to me and asked me to leave the store, saying he won’t sell anything to Kuwaitis. I walked to the next store and made a big purchase, just to show the guy that prejudice can lead to financial loss.

Public Relations - Gulf University of Science and Technology
Seif Shalaby

I was once called a terrorist by a lady because I'm half Arab. I just asked her to leave or else I would I'll call the cops. It was better that way because I didn't want further problems.

Finance and Management - American University of Kuwait @Seifamr_
Ahmed Bahzad


Petroleum Engineering - Kuwait University @eng_bahzad93
Ali Al-Ahmad

No, but if it would happen to me, how I react would depend on the situation. Not every occasion is the same and therefore it would be unwise to react without weighing the options.

Accounting - Gulf University of Science and Technology @bu7ussain_

It happened with me in Lebanon and I respectfully replied that each one of us should respect others’ religion as ordered by Prophet Muhammad prophet. The guy seemed to completely lose it, so I quickly exited. Since a lot of people tell me that people in Lebanon talk with guns and not tongues.

Business Management - Australian College of Kuwait
Ibrahim Al Fuwairis

I haven’t faced prejudice as such but yes people are usually inquisitive. In Europe especially I often get asked about being an Arab and a Muslim. But these are more out of curiosity and wanting to learn more.

Accounting - Gulf University for Science & Technology @54_pro
Mariam Al-Qallaf


Petroleum Engineering - Kuwait University @mariamalqallaf
Mohammad Al Zanki

Yes, in Europe because of my religion. It got to the point of verbal abuse. While they were trying to escalate it to a fight, I stayed calm and told them Islam taught me better than that.

Business (Marketing) - Kuwait University @zanki94

In my case I get bullied a lot because of my appearance, happened more in high school. People would tease me by calling me an infant and girl because I did not have any facial hair while most other boys did. It was really something that was out of my control, so I went about life as best as I could.

Computer Engineering - American University of Kuwait @Salem_abdullah29
Waleed Khatib


Finance - Kuwait University @waleed_elkhatib
Mohammad Al-Asaad

No, but if it does I would react calmly, instead of sinking down to the level of the person I am encountering.

Accounting - Kuwait University
Sema Ahmed

I have seen that a lot of time people raise questions at mixed race couples. In our society people still believe that one should only marry within one’s community.

Communication & Media - American University of Kuwait @Sema_ahmed_
Abdulrahman Hegazy

No, I haven't.

Mechanical Engineering - Kuwait University @en.abram94
Bashar Halab


Mechanical Engineering - Kuwait University @basharhalab
Belal Mohammed


Management Information System - Kuwait University
Esra'a Ali

I often face prejudice based on my religion. But then I hate arguments and I believe that everyone is free to have their opinions, just that some opinions should be kept to yourself.

Finance - Gulf University for Science and Technology @_asorii

I have been lucky enough to not have to face anything yet. And I thank God for it.

Computer Engineering - Gulf University of Science and Technology @fajeralrashidi
Falah Al-Azmi


Petroleum Engineering - Kuwait University
Nathalie Matta

Yes, I've faced such a situation but I try not to give time to those who don't deserve it.

Accounting/Marketing - American University of Kuwait @Nat_matta
Sulaiman Yousef

Yes, I faced a lot of racism when I was studying in Toronto. People there judged me based on my religion and background. I completely ignored the hateful comments because I know my worth.

Communication and Media - American University of Kuwait @living__large965

It happened while in US. I was visiting there as a tourist when I entered Walmart. People started judging me from accidentally dropping a milk bottle saying, as an Arab I did not know how to appreciate my wealth. Most people in Tennessee don’t like Arab Muslims because they think of them as arrogant and disrespectful.

Accounting - American University of Kuwait
Yazan Saleh


Petroleum Engineering - Kuwait University @bo_el_zoz