201611 Morouj LB

Ooredoo Emphasizing Education

Ooredoo, the fastest network in Kuwait during the year 2016 has just signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kuwait International Law School. The event was witnessed by Ooredoo CEO and general manager Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani and the Dean of Kuwait International Law School Dr. Mohammed Al-Moqatei. During the event, Ooredoo’s CEO stated that “We’re eager to join hands with a reputable organization such as the Kuwait International Law School. We at Ooredoo Kuwait are invested in youth and are proud to take part in their academic future. Through this program, we hope to expose students to the challenges of working in the dynamic private sector, especially in the telecom industry which is one of the most fast-paced sectors. We believe in investing in youth, because the future of this country is built with their hands.” Aside from the company’s focus on providing Kuwait with the best possible internet and telecommunication service, they’ve made it clear that they believe investing in the youth is an important and necessary step in the right direction for the company.

The company hopes to serve as a vessel to stir student’s interests along with the capability to gain experience at the company. The plan is that students will be able to work or intern at the company in order to get a feel for the one of the fastest paced sectors, which is the telecom industry. Students will be given the opportunity to explore a range of different positions within the company in order to truly gain knowledge, experience and understanding from multiple aspects of the company.

The company also plans to enable high-scoring students the opportunity to work abroad in their branches located outside of Kuwait. This will both gives students the opportunity to learn from working within the successful company, along with exposing the students to different people, cultures and giving them the opportunity to adapt and learn from a changed environment.

Despite making it clear that focus on the development of the youth in the country is an important function that the company would like to fulfill, they re-emphasis this by signing another memorandum with the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs. Through the signing of this memorandum, the company will be supporting local youth projects and initiatives. Ooredoo is continuously working with the Ministry in order to enrich the experience of the youth in this country in a variety of fields, with an emphasis on volunteerism.