201611 Azaal LB

Many Trades, One Master – Mohammad Al Ebrahim

Mohammad Al-Ebrahim Performing


Young and ambitious are two adjectives that describe Mohammad Al Ebrahim, founder of ALGAS Events perfectly. Having started his first business when he was not even 20 years old. Today, at 26, he is on the threshold of being a game changer for the Kuwaiti event scene.


How did it all start?

Having done a couple of events for my college, I realized that’s what I was passionate about. As much as I loved events, I also knew that I liked being my own boss. Bringing together my passion and profession was the key idea behind starting Al Gas events. It’s been six years since I first started and the rest as they say is history!


Tell us something about how you run your business?

I started off as a one man show, but that didn’t last too long. Over the years my team has grown steadily, at present we are around 12 people in the company. We were initially just an event and production company, but working with comedians made me realize the potential of having a talent management agency. Once we started managing them, I noticed there was a big gap in the ticketing system and that is how eventat.com, our ticketing website was born. Every new avenue that I ventured into was started out of a need. Everything I do is interconnected.


What kind of events would you say are your forté?

I have worked with a lot of international speakers on knowledge exchange seminars. It is something we do regularly at Al Gas events. However, our entertainment events are what I take pride in. From music concerts to stand-up comedy shows, we try to mix-it-up as much as possible. The stand-up comedy events were also what led us to expand into talent management, wherein we promote local as well as international artists, in Kuwait, regionally, and abroad. So far we have worked with comedians like Basher Al Jazzaf, Ahmad Aqua, Mohamed Al Kazmi, Sheikha Al Khaldi from Kuwait; Firas Alola from Saudi Arabia, and Rajiv Satyal from the US. Our artists have performed in countries like Qatar, KSA, Egypt, US, Canada, UK and Ireland.


Would you say it is difficult to run your own business?

I don’t like categorizing things as easy or difficult. I believe every road block is an opportunity to learn something new. Is it challenging running my own business? Of course yes, but nobody said it was going to be easy!


Do you fear failure? Tell us about a time which was exceptionally challenging.

I don’t think I fear failure, had that been the case I would have never been able to start my own venture. Every time I have faced a road block I had to find a way to work around it. Like they say, adjust your sails according to the wind. I remember we were organizing this particular event and a day before the performance we got a letter stating we couldn’t go ahead with it. I spent the next 16 hours running around Kuwait, getting permissions and resolving matters. In the end, we succeeded, but not without hard work and perseverance.


How supportive have your family and friends been through all this?

I have been very fortunate in that respect. My family has been a great pillar of support from the very beginning. My friends and people in general have shown great interest in what I do. From the onset, I wanted to break away from mainstream events. Stand-up comedy, talent management these arenas are still new to Kuwait, so obviously a lot of people are curious and want to get involved.


What are your future plans for Al Gas Events?

Expand, expand, and expand! We recently added a social media management vertical to our business to provide our clients with a more 360 degree service. We intend to not just run online campaigns for our clients but advise them on maximizing their reach. We are also dabbling in photography and TVC production. Ideally I would like to reach a point where we make Kuwait an event hub that attracts international audiences.


What do you think was that one thing, that helped you the most to get where you are today?

It has to be my positive attitude. Life will throw a lot of curve balls at you, how you react is up to you.


Any last words for our readers?

If you believe in something do it. Maybe you won’t get it right the first time or the second time or even the third time but eventually you will. Go for your dreams!