201611 Morouj LB

Fajer Al Owaish: Let’s Help Kuwait

“If you want change, then you should change.” 



Founded in 2014 by Fajer Al Owaish, ‘Let’s Help Kuwait’ is a youth group trying to drive a change in society by lending a helping hand. Inspired by the Holy Month of Ramadan, when the spirit of peace, helping others, and giving is in full drive, Fajer started to actualize her passion for helping other.

Intrinsically inspired to help others, Fajer has always wanted to pursue her duty towards society, still young, she was unsure of where or how to begin. This led her to start her own boutique in 2013, where she created and sold various accessories, the proceeds from which went to charity. It was however difficult to both run a business and figure out how to transform this into donations and who these donations should go to or how to reassure customers that their money was actually being used for donations. Creating credibility was one of Fajer’s greatest challenges. Driven by the spirit of giving during Ramadan, and her determination to help other, Lets Help Kuwait was born. Fajer, with the help of a friend decided to start by creating business literature and social platforms that could help her reach people. Three years later, not only is she successfully running her charitable foundation but has also been a part of various social projects.

Lets Help Kuwait’s first project involved collecting food and distributing it among the needy. Today, they have 8 official members and a number of volunteers. They have implemented projects like collaborations with Ox Adventure to donate books to Sri Lanka, hospital visits to patients with simple gifts that add a smile to their faces, providing bracelets specific to the awareness campaigns and a theme for each month dedicated to creating awareness on various social issues. “I remember this one time we had a 1,000 meals to distribute and just five members. All of us worked really hard and were able to fulfill the commitment; however that incident also taught me how important preparation was for any project to be successful.” In the near future, Let’s Help Kuwait hopes to collaborate with Dar Al Muslimeen community service on projects like beaches cleaning, Breast Cancer Awareness etc. Their aim is to involve as many youngsters as possible in order to help and support their endeavors.

Currently a mass communications major at AUK, Fajer has a lot on her plate. “Time management is an important area of improvement for me, so that I can to do justice to both my education and Let’s Help Kuwait. I want to use whatever I learn here at university and my experiences to further my social movement.”

After starting Let’s Help Kuwait, Fajer found that she has changed for the better. She now had more patience, is calmer and most importantly she thinks she is able to put others before herself.