201612 NBK

Land Of Blue Skies


Mongolia is a destination that should definitely figure on everyone’s travel bucket list. With a rich history and an abundance of a country which visiting should be added to everyone’s bucket list, with its  deep and rich history abundance in natural beauty, culture, mountains and vast deserts Mongolia is a land that holds many adventures for its travelers. .

Located in East Asia between China and Russia, it is supposedly the 2nd largest landlocked country in the world. The general population of the country is still largely nomadic following a more traditional lifestyle supported by minimal technology. The people generally live in camps raising herds of horses and sheep for a living.

Adventure Travel offers a great conduit for individuals to find themselves and rise to new heights, it connects people, bridges communities and elevates the human spirit. Our adventure began in Bayan Oollgi, a province located in the extreme west of Mongolia.


Traveling, it leaves you speechless , and then turns you into a storyteller. This is our story…


We all got together for the love of adventure and exploration.  We signed up for Joining the Rahhalah Mongolia trekking trip, with the  goal to summit mount Malchin at 4050m. A mountain is a part of the Altai Range in Western Mongolia.  The Trip entailed camping in the wilderness every night for 10 days, trekking on horsebacks to reach the base camp.

Our trip has left a profound impression on each of us. Here is a window into our thoughts…


Rabaa Hamad Alhajeri

I discovered my passion for adventure travel about 6 years ago when I met Zed  Al Refai, a friend, who introduced me to mountaineering and adventure travel. Since then I have been climbing, trekking, kayaking, running, cycling, surfing, swimming in a various places around the world. So far I have been to like Tanzania, Nepal, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Greece, Turkey and, Italy to name a few.

Each year I diligently plan at least 2 adventure trips for myself, I consider  Adventure travel an education in geography,  history, culture and most importantly, it is an education in humility, perseverance and spirituality. Mongolia offered me one of the most memorable and wildest adventures of my life so far.

I would strongly recommend it to all my fellow wanderers!


Najat Khaled Al Sayegh

Adventure traveling to me is a great opportunity to disconnect from the world and from my personal life. Once technology leaves the equation,  I feel very connected with nature. It is these instances in life where one can make some of the most important decisions in life, these are life changing experiences. Adventure travel comes with its own set of challenges because with nature not all things go as planned. But these are the journeys that make one more adaptable and patient.

Mongolia is one of the most beautiful countries I have been to; the breathtaking mountains make it one of the greatest destinations to visit. It was an unforgettable experience.


Mais Bassam Al Otaibi

Words cannot describe the amount of freedom, humility and peace of mind I feel towards while traveling. It is a voyage to unknown lands, seeking not for new territory but for new knowledge and experiences. It will appeal to those who like change and acceptance, both within and without. My advice to my fellow adventurers would be to escape the ordinary and seize the moment, for time shall not wait.

On this trip, I also acquired a deep passion for history. It was amazing to learn about the massive impact the Mongolian empire has left on the world today.

In the words of Susan Sontag, “I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list!”.


Haya Hamoud Alkharafi

My trip to Mongolia was truly an amazing experience.  I benefited from it both physically and mentally. It helped me develop a perspective through which I now see the world. I think I am braver and stronger now than I ever was.

In Mongolia, there was a lot of hiking and trekking, activities that a lot from you both physically and mentally. In fact I think it requires more mental strength. Mongolia has made me a better person, someone who finds it easier to cooperate with others.

The breathtaking views are something that is unique to Mongolia. In the end,  it was the most memorable trip I have ever taken.


Munira Fawzi Alhumaidi

I never imagined that climbing  a mountain could be such a spiritual journey. There is something about the heights and the pure air that one inhales, it frees your mind and soul. No wonder people keep going back there, its the magic and mystery in the mountains that calls them back.

It makes you feel fearless and powerful yet humble and in harmony with nature. Through out my journey I learned how to be patient, persistent and grateful; grateful enough, to try my best and to conserve and protect our beautiful nature.