201612 NBK

Kuwait University Celebrates Golden Jubilee

Successful operation of any institution over the course of many years is often a reason to celebrate and host events that inspire and uplift the community. This year spanning from the 5th to the 7th of December, Kuwait University celebrated their Golden Jubilee (50th year anniversary). Majority of events took place at the College of Engineering and Petroleum along with the College of Architecture.

Mr. Richard Meredith Recieves an Award on Behalf of Limak Construction for Sponsoring KU’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The events included an open day for people to explore the campus and get a sense of the University, a walkathon to support physical health and well-being along with an incentive to get out and participate in something different than one’s ordinary day-to-day life. There were also scientific, cultural and design competitions that enticed people to tap into their creative side and materialize their scientific or artistic aspects to share with an equally receptive crowd of people.

KU students interact at Limak Construction’s Booth During the Golden Jubilee Carnival

Apart from celebrating the success of the institution, the Golden   Jubilee celebration shifted its focus to promoting education and learning in the fields of construction, engineering, architecture and project management. The event allowed people to both express their creative desires along with stimulating an audience to interact and become exposed to different avenues of life through education and creativity. Overall the event gave people a chance to be part of a communal effort and celebration in hopes of keeping both the University and the community of Kuwait as a whole inspired and captivated by the many avenues of education offered at the University.