201612 NBK

KU Students Present Avant-Garde Architecture for the Jazeera Airways

From locally inspired designs to avant-garde and ultra-modern designs, 30 students from Kuwait University’s College of Architecture showcased 15 architectural designs for Jazeera Airways new terminal in an exhibit hosted by Jazeera Airways and attended by university faculty, senior executives from Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Jazeera Airways. 

The airline awarded the top three designs which were:

  • First place: Aisha Al Saraawy and Nouf Bin Nasser
  • Second place: Mohammad Al Mansour and Yehya Adnan
  • Third place: Hussa Al Fozan and Haya Al Anjari

Abdullah Al Hudaid, the CEO and Accountable Manager at Jazeera said, “The projects we saw exceeded our expectations by all measures. This exhibition reflected a move to infrastructure driven by students’ need to find solutions to very real problems that the aviation industry faces today.”

The students’ projects were inspired by the airline’s July announcement that it has obtained the government’s approval to build and operate a dedicated passenger terminal at Kuwait International Airport. Jazeera Airways plans to launch the terminal in 2018.