201612 NBK

Grow, Groom and Go!

November is upon us! And while Movember traditionally was all about growing healthy mustaches, the definition over time has evolved to be more inclusive of all facial hair. This month we bring you four key products that will help grow and maintain that beard from root to tip.


nature-made-omega-3Nature Made Fish Oil and Omega 3 supply: 

The fatty acids in the fish oil help invigorate your skin, keeping it healthy. The result, a better beard! The Nature Made fish oil supply comes from deep ocean waters, not farm-raised fish, keeping the supplements as natural as possible.


trimmerAll-Purpose Gillette Styler:

This all purpose trimmer, shaver and edger will make sure that you don’t just grow a beard but are able to style it too. Because come on, one of things that separate the apes from the gentlemen is a well groomed beard!


beard-comb81T Beard and Mustache Comb:

The Kent Brushes beard and mustache comb is a specialist comb ideal for grooming facial hair. 7cm long, this comb makes the perfect pocket accompaniment for grooming on the move or to fit in your wash bag.


beard-brand_utility-balmBeardbrand utility balm:

While a Utility balm works similar to beard oil, it is meant for longer beards. The Beardbrand utility balm is good for healthy beard to body care. It keeps your beard velvety soft and hydrated, and your skin moisturized and healthy.