201611 Azaal LB

Flakey Fashion!

This month, the famous chocolate brand “Flake” hosted a unique fashion competition that stimulated an interesting appeal to fashion designers.  Participants had to design a dress using the brands purple and yellow colors, and even the chocolate flakes itself. The main catch being to create a dress that reflected the chocolate brand in a very fashion forward way.

The Winning Design Created by Iqra Mohammed Riaz

Out of the 130 entries that were sent into the competition, Iqra Mohammed Riaz, emerged as the winner. Her creation included a mermaid dress with a yellow design subtly adorned with the word “Flake” in purple, and a trail made of chocolate flakes. Having won the competition, Iqra will now get an opportunity to collaborate with famous Kuwaiti fashion designer, Anfal Al-Saleh.

Speaking of her participation in the “My Flake Dress” competition, fashion designer Anfal Al Saleh said, “The competition was a great opportunity for those who want to turn their dream dress into a reality. What we have seen during the competition was astonishing given the mandated requirements to use in the design. I am glad to have been part of such a unique process.”


Presently the winning design is being pushed to materialize into an actual dress that can be worn and showcased in the near future. Flake has through this competition combined the sweetness of their chocolate with the creativity of beautiful fashion.