201611 Azaal LB

Feeling the Post-Vacation Blues?

Then don’t!

We all feel a little sad, when our vacation has finally come to close. After months of planning, excitement and all the fun, life feels almost mundane when you have to get back to studying, work and other demands of domestic life. We bring you five helpful ways in which you can get back to your routine with ease.


  1. Combating jetlag: Most of us experience jetlag after returning from our vacation. It affects not only your sleeping pattern but can also cause severe hindrance when getting back to your work-life schedule. A couple of days before your return try to acclimatize yourself to your home country time zone.


  1. Regular exercise: This is easier said than done. But try a pack a pair of running shoes or swimming trunks on your trip, depending on where you are heading for your vacation. Exercise not only helps you reduce stress and fight fatigue but it also releases endorphins that will help you fight depression.


  1. Return early: give yourself a day or two at home before you return to your normal schedule. Return on a Thursday or Friday so you can give yourself the weekend to rest before you head out to university or work on a Sunday morning.


  1. Know what you are coming back to: The toughest part of getting back to routine is the work load. If you know beforehand the things that you need to prioritize upon your return, it will help you get back into the groove of things more smoothly.


  1. Start planning your next vacation: Yes, we save the best for the last. Planning your next vacation even if in the smallest of ways will give you something exciting to look forward to. It is almost like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.