201612 NBK

Fahad Al Musallam Conquers the Desert!

Fahad Al Musallam finished first at the Dubai Desert Championship (DDC), a grassroots level championship that promotes the discipline of desert rallying.  The DDC is also considered to be the ‘stepping stone’ towards the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, UAE’s international Cross Country Rally.

Picture Courtesy: Wayne Gray Photography
Image Courtesy: Wayne Gray Photography

Fahad participated in the 120 kilometers race in the open desert with each lap measuring approximately 24 kilometers.  “This was my first win of the season and my first time ever to finish at the podium in UAE therefore this victory is doubly special to me.  This particular event was a tough one and I can’t deny that I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge,” said Fahad while talking about his win.

“The race usually starts from the second lap. In the first lap, which also happens to be the toughest, competitors tend to stay together and test the course. Once the sand dunes are explored the racers begin to pump it up. Thankfully I managed to push hard throughout the race”, said Fahad about his racing experience at Al Lisaily, Dubai.

Fahad also conveyed his gratitude to Al Mal Investment, Quest Nutrition, Takharoj and Kuwait Motorsports Club for their massive support.

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