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Babel Lebanese Restaurant

The renowned, award winning restaurant “Babel” has for the first time expanded out of Lebanon and right into Kuwait. The restaurant is known for its authentic Lebanese food, stylish and sleek interior along with providing its customers with a truly unique and worthwhile dining experience. The restaurant has been functioning since 2009 and due to its ongoing success has been able to expand to places outside of Lebanon, such as Kuwait. Babel can be said to symbolize culinary sophistication, with its unique fusion of flavors.

Babel ensures that the ingredients are fresh across the board in order to remain as genuine as possible. Their olive oil is made of Lebanese green olives that are pressed on traditional stone mills, while their cucumbers are handpicked and pickled in the restaurant in order to ensure everything is held to an utmost standard. Additionally, the culture in the food is conveyed through authentic Lebanese pine nuts being served on plates, along with sumac, a traditional Lebanese spice that is picked in season from organic lands.

What makes Babel stand out amongst other restaurants in general is their ability to adapt their flavors and serving to their customers. In 2009, Babel was established in the town of Dbayeh, Lebanon, which is a place known for its diversity. It serves as a melting pot of different cultures and varying walks of life. There, Babel was able to achieve tremendous success, using food as a bridge between cultures and traditions while remaining authentic to the Lebanese dining experience. Hence, it’s clear that the future is looking very bright for the restaurant’s brand new launch in Kuwait. The country is known to have a peculiar love for food and especially authentic cuisines.

The restaurant in its new location on the waterfront of the Gulf Road, facing Marina Waves is another great asset to the restaurant. It provides a grand environment, with a sophisticated touch to the interior décor, along with a sweeping view of the Kuwait city skyline and the Arabian Gulf. Therefore, meals can be enjoyed along with a wonderful view to accompany the overall experience, making for a great atmosphere especially during the night while the city is emanating with lights and ambience.