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The ASCE Held the Fourth YCE Training Program


The American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) successfully held the fourth Young Civil Engineers (YCE) training program which lasted for two weeks, from the 14th – 25th of august, 2016. The summer program teaches civil engineering students to apply analytical skills learnt from theoretical classes to real life scenarios.

Due to the fact that YCE became one of the ASCE–KU’s most popular events, students are accepted into the program based on the amount of credits completed and a personal interview. Around 60 students applied for the program, 26 graduates and undergraduates were accepted.

The two weeks training program that took place in Courts Complex Hawally Project in collaboration with the MPW, Ministry of Public Works, and Pace engineering office included two site visits, three field trips, and eighteen hours intensive lectures. The students were set into seven groups and they needed to compete everyday, depending on the task, to collect points in order to win the program.

Firstly, the students had an introduction about the project that included the structural plan, duration, cost, project designer, contractor, and to what stage the project have reached. The introduction was delivered by Eng. Shaima Alnassar, assistant project manager from MPW. Then, Eng. David, safety manager from PACE office, explained the safety instructions and regulations needed for every construction environment.

Furthermore, Dr. Amani Boqammaz, a faculty member from College of Engineering and Petroleum and the program supervisor, and Eng. Talal Alotaibi discussed contract documents and contract drawings. Eng. Nadia, PACE office, explained variation order and claims of the project. Eng. Alaa, PACE office, covered different types of construction methods and steel structures. Eng. Noura, MPW, ended the the program showing the design phases of the project and explained the process that the project takes before signing the contract.

The students had the opportunity to visit the CTC, Central Tenders Committee, and know more about the governmental projects and bidding procedure and regulations. Mr. Nawaf Almutairy delivered a brief speech about the committee and explained their role in governmental projects. Mr. Faisal Almuzain, the vice president of board of directors of the committee, and Mrs. Huda Alessa, the secretary of board of directors of the committee, met up with the students and discussed every question and misconception about government procedures. Ms. Aisha Alrubaian together with a group of employees from the CTC took the students around the building, which is located at Sharq, and showed them the different sectors of the committee. The students also visited Index Co. factory and saw the precasting of concrete process and how it is delivered to the site. Finally, the students took a glimpse of SSUC, Sabah Alsalem University City, and witnessed the foundation and the formwork of an under-construction building.

In the final day, every group got ready and presented the project in a creative, informative way. The groups were judged by a group of engineers together with Dr. Waleed Abdullah, a faculty member from the College of Engineering and Petroleum and the ASCE–KU’s supervisor. Eng. Rudhab Bukhail, Eng. Ban Ahmad Almanaseer, Eng. Zahraa Alkankouni, and Eng. Mariam Alawadhi from group 4 won the competition and the ASCE-KU family made a small closing ceremony at National Library of Kuwait.

The ASCE–KU thanks everyone who participated in making from this program a success.