201611 Bomberg LB

AlSouq: The Perfect Reason to Head Outside

AlSouq is an outdoor market dedicated to promoting local businesses. Created by Murouj the vision is to empower local vendors by giving them a unique space to publicize and grow their trade.


AlSouq will be held monthly at Murouj and will include a variety of businesses ranging from local F&B outlets, organic products and local produce to art, design and fashions brands. The space is made available to local businesses for free, with an idea to give as many brands as possible a chance to showcase their products and services.

The market has a beautiful open layout making it a pleasure to walk around and explore all the different offerings. With the weather getting better by the day, AlSouq is one of the best things about this events season.

To apply for participation and to learn more about AlSouq follow them on Instagram @MuroujKW

The next AlSouq will be held on Friday, 16th December, 2016.