201612 NBK

Fahad Al-Musallam Competes At The Emirates Desert Championship!

Fahad Al-Musallam has completed half of the 2015/16 racing season and is currently leading three out of four overall championship points: Kuwait, Bahrain,Qatar, and sitting in 3rd overall at the Emirates Desert Championship.


“It was a tough start for me this season, competing in the open desert’s of Dubai, clearing out huge jumps in Bahrain, battling against the top riders in Qatar, and making my way through Kuwait’s uprising rivals. Its has truly been one of the most challenging seasons so far.”

Going through whatever came up with Al-Musallam during his main events was a struggle as well, such as mechanical issues and crashing out during practice sessions. Given the circumstances, Al-Musallam stood strong and was able to complete his mission.


“I would like to thank my sponsors, Al Mal Investment, Yamaha, STUDENTALK, Concrete Gym, SMD Graphics, SEVENFRIDAY, and Quest Nutrition who supported me throughout all of the current ups and downs faced during this season.”