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ACK Takes on the Battle Against Smoking

The ACK (Australian College of Kuwait) anti-smoking awareness campaign was started in 2014 through an initiative suggested by Dr. Usameh Jamali, advisor to the chairman at the college. The intention behind the campaign was to involve the students at ACK in a project that not only earns them academic credits but has far reaching consequences in the betterment of our society. To this end, the ACK Schools of Engineering and Business were tasked with constructing awareness modules that demonstrated the ill effects of smoking, which would then be taken to local schools, where they could educate younger kids on the same.

Come 2015, the ACK Management Diploma students made their first school visit at the International Academy of Kuwait. Since then the anti-smoking campaign has received great feedback from school teachers and administrators alike. This Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is made available by ACK students to any schools that request it.

“At ACK we believe in encouraging a healthy lifestyle both for our students and staff. We intend to not just educate our students in academics but want to focus on creating a generation that will impact the society in a positive way. The anti-smoking campaign is one such initiative that we think will make our students more responsible world citizens,” said Dr. Usameh Jamali.

The awareness module has ACK students interact with the school going kids in a fun and educational manner. They start off by giving a visual presentation on the ill effects of smoking both on the human body and the environment. Following which kids are invited to participate in several activities including solving jig-saw puzzles and creating posters, all leading up to one single message, “Say NO to Smoking!”.

“Our greatest challenge lies in making sure the kids understand what we are trying to tell them. That they are made aware of the ill consequences of this habit and they do so while having fun. We believe that when a message is delivered in an interactive manner, it stays with the kids for longer. For this purpose, we make sure that all the content is simple and easy to understand and appeals to the kids’ sensibilities,” commented one of the participating ACK students.

In a world where marketers are trying to get their target audience hooked onto cigarettes as early as possible, ACK is taking the battle to where it matters most. If kids are educated from a young age on how this habit could eventually kill both them and their environment, chances are they will grow up in to adults that propagate healthy and positive lifestyles.

Kudos to the team at ACK for trying to make a change where it matters the most!

For more information on the initiative you can get in touch with the team via email on health&safety@ack.edu.kw