201611 Azaal LB

ACK Athletes Soar in International Skies

International tournaments are no doubt an avenue to witness the skills of participating teams, but more importantly they are also filled with opportunities to interact with different people from around the world.

ACK Students Pose for a Quick Moment During the Inter-University Tournament

Earlier this year, the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) participated in the second “World Inter University Championship – EuroRoma 2016”. The competition was held in the heart of Italy; Rome. The tournament had participants spanning from around the globe, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, competing in a four-day event that hosted approximately 2,500 university students.

ACK was represented by their male football team, female football team and the table tennis team. The male football team was able to work their way into the semi-finals where throughout the tournament they were faced against universities from Bratislava, Madrid, Rome and Ireland. The female team played against Rome Tre University and two universities from France, working their way into the quarter-finals. The table tennis team played against Kazakhstan, China, United Arab Emirates and Italian representatives, where they were able to make it to the semi-finals.

Overall it was an outstanding tournament that allowed university students from all over the world to display their teamwork and skill-set on an international stage while having the chance to interact with a variety of people.

ACK believes that taking part in athletic activities is very important to stimulate health and well-being.